We feature the finest selection of steaks, patties, ribs, roasts, and ground. Choice and prime, hand selected and cut daily, featuring Double R Ranch and Knee Deep grass fed beef.


We only offer the finest products from Hill Meat Company, family owned and in Pendleton, OR. Chops, tenderloins, belly, ribs, hams, roasts, and, of course, bacon!


Grown naturally with room to roam, our offerings from Mary’s Chicken are sure to suit your needs. Whole turkeys, game hens and ducks available by special order.

Specialty and Game

Local and humanely raised lamb, bison, elk, venison and rabbits also available. Offal, tongue and bones available by request, just ask.


We have a wide selection of styles and flavors on hand, perfect for on the grill or in a gumbo. Delicious breakfast links and patties or make your own from our ground pork.


Marinade Bar

We can marinade any item from the case, just add $1.00 per pound price. Sesame Teriyaki, Kalbi, Carne Asada, Fajita, Fra Diavolo, Piri Piri, Tandoori, Caribbean Jerk, Moroccan, Thai.



Ready by 4pm Wednesday through Saturday. Mary’s Chicken on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Timberline Meat Meatloaf on Thursdays, Hill Meat Baby Back Ribs on Fridays.


Ready to Cook Meals

Consider our time-saving home-ready crock pot and oven meals. Options include crock pot roast, home-style meatloaf, Korean BBQ flank steak, kabobs, and more!

Complementary Items

Prepared side dishes that pair with our gourmet meats, like ready to heat and eat potatoes, pasta dishes, side vegetables, sauces and seasoned preparations.


Gourmet Grocery

We carry a wide variety of sauces, rubs, seasonings and spices, with a focus on local providers. We even have our own line of rubs!